Bring excellence through training to classroom teachers across the country...

We are calling for accomplished and talented presenters to help us meet an ever growing training demand. 

We seek certified educators but have a growing number of trainers who are NOT certified.  They have a background in the education field or close ties/connection with training others. If you are not certified but have a professional speaking background/training background you will be considered.

You can hold trainings in Arizona, Virginia, or in your state!

          You will decide where you want to work.

          You can work full-time, part-time (even once in a while).

          You will determine how often you want to work.

80% of our trainers still work full-time in the classroom or in a campus/central office.

We recognize it is difficult to keep high quality teachers in the classroom working closely with students - it is NOT our intention to lure you (or any educator) from the classroom.

We are honored when educators work with us during their off duty days (or when they can arrange time off).


Successful trainers / consultants who work with us have the following backgrounds:

• Teachers • Coaches • Principals • Counselors • Professors • Assistant Principals • Superintendents • School System Administrators • Social Workers • Behavior Specialists • Staff Development Coordinators • Professional Speakers and Consultants • Authors • Plus others with backgrounds related to working with children and/or training adults.

If you are a retired educator, or a retired trainer... we are also interested in you and hope you will review our information. (Your experience is wonderful!) Our trainers are distinctly qualified and can hold the attention of an audience while delivering outstanding content.

we want you!

Help us make a difference in schools nationwide

Educators are busy people, so let us get directly to the point. Our compensation is unmatched.

Even better than corporate pay (for talented presenters).

You will NEVER earn less than $1000.00 per training day (and often you earn much more).

Our company is seeking "Top Gun" presenters to trainer educators.

We do not seek the mediocre, you must be of high caliber.  The elite will be identified... then the best are chosen.

We bring quality and excellence to classroom teachers across the country.

If chosen to be a trainer, you will receive excellent training and then join our elite team of regional and national presenters.  You will become an expert trainer in one of the leading classroom management programs in the USA.  After training you will be given the chance to work when and where you want.